Algopath LLC is a company headed by Shahid Bokhari who is a researcher and developer in the the field of Computer Science & Engineering. Dr. Bokhari is Professor Emeritus at the University of Engineering & Technology (UET), Lahore, Pakistan. He has also been associated with the Institute for Computer Applications at NASA Langley Research Center. He was formerly a Research Professor in Biomedical Informatics at The Ohio State University. Other institutions that he has been associated with as a visitor include the Universities of Colorado, Stuttgart, and Vienna, and the Electrotechnical Laboratory in Tsukuba, Japan. He is currently an Independent Researcher and Consultant located in Silicon Valley.

Algopath leverages Prof. Bokhari’s extensive experience in teaching, research and development to create compact learning materials in many areas of Computer Science. Our first publication GO: Serial, Concurrent and Parallel Programming is now coming on-line.

You can contact Prof. Bokhari at shb@algopath.com.